Not According to Plan

I greatly underestimated the time of day in my story. Long story short, I had  Avon and Samael (demon co-worker) go off to investigate two other demons that their visas to the material plane expired. It’s a complicated system but bear with me. So the two left in search for these two demons. In my head, I had totally planned it to happen in the dark and there was this chase. But now in the story is broad daylight. Plus, I set it up where demons are stronger in the dark. So I can’t just have Avon and Samael stay until dark and then talk to the demons.

Hmm, I have rethink this. It’s also that I don’t want this to be the scene where I get stuck on because I don’t know how to write the scene. Oh wait, I got it. Samael can get kidnapped by demons and . . . Avon won’t know until later when it’s dark? I guess it doesn’t matter right now. I can revise the plot later. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

Tomorrow’s plot: the rescue mission (hopefully)

Today’s word count: 1,804

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