When Stares Kill

We’re half way through the month of November. Despite the fact that I have been writing, it feels to me like the month has gone by rather quickly. This upcoming week is Thanksgiving and then almost immediately the month is over. This is one of the reasons why I am starting to panic a bit. I do have the the following chapters – say 1 or 2 – planned out and I do know where I want this story to go but I feel like somehow my plot is big and I won’t complete the novel by November 30. I’m sure I’ll reach the 50k words but the story won’t have ‘the end’ on the last page.

I might be exaggerating and overconfident at this point but, hopefully, I get to reach 50k words and type ‘the end’ on the last page. I have my fingers crossed.

With today’s writing, I got to an action part. Yesterday I explained how I was unsure on how to continue the story in regards to the time of day but today I figured it out. Long story short, Avon retired and she was taking medication to get rid of her Fae powers. However, not that she is reinstated, she no longer takes that medication and her body is unsure of how to act (if that makes sense). So, I had Avon pass out because of this unbalance in her body and when she woke, infers that something bad has happened with Samael. I think that worked out really well. Off to the rescue Avon goes and she isn’t too happy about it. I feel sorry for those demons. Plus she holds a grudge against them. It’s not pretty. Also, thanks to Avon’s abilities she can use her stare to corrupt the demon’s body. Yes, stares do kill.

However, this scene also plays into this other plot that my Lead hasn’t figure out and so all the dots are connecting. At least, that is how I hope it is happening.

Mostly likely tomorrow: I will go back to the main plot by revealing some information about the gooey substance found on werewolf territory.

Word Count: 1,803