Unexpected Changes

I mentioned before that my Lead was changing in regards to her character. This isn’t a necessarily bad thing but the more I write, the more I am convinced that is not the way to go with her character. In today’s word count, I introduced Avon’s (the Lead) demon partner, Samael. He also didn’t appear in the way that I wanted him to. From the beginning, I knew that I wanted him to be not too serious but not too goofy either. On paper, I made him out to be somewhat of a joke.

It’s not like I can’t “force” a change of character. Meaning I could forget how I’ve been writing the characters until now and write them how I meant them to be in the first place. I don’t know how this will work out but it is worth a try. I have also found that the tone of the story has also changed. I don’t think that it is in a good way.

The story started off a bit serious and then we hit a relaxing point and now, well, it’s light hearted. I feel like nothing is coming out the way I wanted it to. Maybe I’m just over thinking it and I’m picking at every flaw. I knew from the beginning that this story wasn’t going to turn out to be perfect from the start and yet here I am, acting the same way I didn’t want to act. I guess that comes with the territory; the dissatisfaction with your own work. I just have to keep reminding myself that nothing is set in stone and I can go back and delete. That’s what I need to keep in mind.

Tomorrow’s plan: the murder . . . er . . . crime scene

Today’s word count: 1,688

A night out and some progress

I feel like I’m repeating information. Or that all my writing is a word vomit. I hope this feeling goes away. It doesn’t help that I was out tonight and by “out” I mean more like watching a movie, eating dinner, and driving through downtown so, I’m kind of started writing later than usual. However, I think it was a nice distraction for once. I was social which I’m normally aren’t and plus my meal was paid for by my friend. Yaye free food.

I think it’s important to take breaks before you get worn out. Yes I know, excuses and more excuses but it’s still important in my opinion. I also think that going out to new places brings inspiration and if you force yourself to do something, its no longer fun.

Anyways . . . yeah, I’m still typing every single detail of what my character does. The good thing is that I’m diving deeper into her thoughts. The story is told in close third point of view but before, I wasn’t really going into what Avon (the Lead) was thinking about. In this part, I sort of made her childish so I definitely have to go back and change that. However, I think writing this way gives me more opportunities to discover more of her as a character and flushing her out. It’s sort of like free writing. Just write what comes to mind and edit later.

It’s kind of funny because Avon is the person that I could never be. She is rude, out spoken and doesn’t care about social acceptance. She had a one track mind and so much fun to write. Through my characters, I’m experiencing different lives. Or something like that. Tonight, I only got to the warning from the new demon boss. He’s an actual demon though. It’s awkward because Avon has spent the past two years hunting down any demon she can find for a revenge killing spree. I think its a good thing that I’m stretching out the story a bit but I don’t know yet. Well have to see if that’s the way I’m going to keep it once I revise.

The plot continues with: the partner and the job

Today’s word count: 1,840