Sticking Them Where It Hurts

Today marks the second day in which I place Avon into an uncomfortable position. More of her past is coming to light and she doesn’t not like that. What does she do: avoid, avoid, avoid and try to stay in her position of power. Moments like these are the best because I can show my character to be realistic rather than a 2D character.

I managed to write, not only about Avon’s past, but also about the deepening relationships between characters. In general, I do think that the plot matters and sometimes most of the stories I write are plot driven but I also think that character development is also important so I try to find a balance between the two.

Today is also the day that I have hit k words! Although not half way done, I think it is an important marker. 15k is no easy feat. I’m just glad that I have been writing more than the average word count to finish on time. It’s really great because when the holiday rolls around I want to spend as much time as I can with the people around me and I don’t have to spend such a long time writing in isolation.

Tomorrow’s plot: what is that blob of darkness?

Word count for today: 1,800