In Moderation

I have mentioned this in the passing but I have honestly forgotten how to write. Were my other drafts, for other stories, this horrible? Maybe it’s because I have spent so much time revising and editing that I have complete forgotten how to start a new novel. Hopefully as the month goes on, I’ll stop feeling this way. Hmm, probably not.

I will say that hand writing my story out before I type it working really well for me. All my thoughts are put on paper and I can play with the sentence structure and write the same sentence in two different ways. Somehow doing this on MS Word doesn’t work well for me. I tend to feel like typing on MS Word feels final which is probably the reason why I editing my stories is so painful (with obvious reason of course).

Another good thing about hand writing Phantom Blade is that I write five pages and that ends up being the day’s goal of 1,666 plus words. It’s not like I can’t write more but I feel that if I do, I’ll burn out quickly and I won’t want to finish the rest of the story. I’m trying to find a balance with completely the story and not giving up on it so fast. Well, I shouldn’t put it that way but I do want it to be where I set a goal, I reach that goal and I take a break. That’s the only way to finish on time.

I kind of feel guilty for writing so much unnecessary action just to get up my word count for today. For example, Avon (the Lead) had three servings of toast and eggs. You want to know what kind of eggs? Scrambled! I’m definitely dreading all the things I have to cut out and rewrite when this is all over. BUT . . . Avon had finally met the Boss while being surrounded by demons that want to kill her.

Tomorrow’s plan: The warning and the partner.

Today’s word count: 1,710