Above & Beyond

No one can be more surprised than myself at this very moment. Not only did I write today’s word count goal but I also wrote beyond that. I wrote 2,290 words! That’s right and I can’t be more pleased. And I have hit 25k words!


This hadn’t been my plan at all. See I like to hand write anything before I type it up on my laptop. Today’s pages weren’t too appealing just because nothing really interesting was going to happen until much later in the ‘arc.’ As I started writing, I couldn’t bring myself to continue. Honestly, I didn’t want to even write today. For some time, I was forcing myself to type up what I had written. Somewhere after the first 500 words, a scene between Avon and one of the supporting characters, Sean, started forming in my head.

I diverged from the plot and plan that I had set up for today and typed up that story. The words just flowed like magic. I couldn’t stop writing and it felt like my fingers were ready to fall off. It doesn’t even matter that I might not be able to use this scene later (but as I think about it now, I definitely can use it later – it fits the plot), I knew that I just needed to write this scene now. It was such a character defining moment for Avon. I feel very proud.

Tomorrow: I will follow the plan that I had for today unless anything else changes.

Word Count: 2,290

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