Stories Thrive In Conflict

I’ve hit 20k+ words today! It’s more than I wrote last year but let’s not talk about last year. Ah, it feel so good. Plus, I didn’t have to make up petty arguments like yesterday. Now the story can truly progress forward. It was about time too.

Today, I’m proud to say that I instigated two fights. I meant in my story of course. Generally, I don’t like confrontations unless I have to get into an argument. Anyways, the first “fight” was between Avon (the Lead) and Margret (Avon’s fellow co-worker of sorts). They have history since Avon dated Margret’s brother and now that brother is dead (sort of) but that’s all I’ll say because SPOILERS! Now isn’t the time to reveal any twists.

Technically, it wasn’t a fight. It was more like


with Margret’s face being that bag. It wasn’t pretty. And I probably spent too much time looking up that gif than I needed to but I regret nothing.

The second “fight” was not a fight at all. It was more like Avon insulted someone and the third party wouldn’t have any of that. She jerks the truck off the road and they stop. Being a werewolf the third party is ready to start gives Avon an earful. Avon on the other hand is like


because someone has a backbone. Not many people do when it comes to Avon. Enforcers are seen as elite warriors that help the Fae Council rule with an iron fist.

I think the story needed more conflict between characters and about views and agendas. Plus, I noticed that the story wasn’t really going anywhere. I spent too much time in my character’s thoughts and there wasn’t enough balance between the actual story and those thoughts. From now on, I hope to avoid this kind of scenario.

Tomorrow’s plot: Personal agenda and professional agenda clash

Word Count: 1,720


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