Above & Beyond

No one can be more surprised than myself at this very moment. Not only did I write today’s word count goal but I also wrote beyond that. I wrote 2,290 words! That’s right and I can’t be more pleased. And I have hit 25k words!


This hadn’t been my plan at all. See I like to hand write anything before I type it up on my laptop. Today’s pages weren’t too appealing just because nothing really interesting was going to happen until much later in the ‘arc.’ As I started writing, I couldn’t bring myself to continue. Honestly, I didn’t want to even write today. For some time, I was forcing myself to type up what I had written. Somewhere after the first 500 words, a scene between Avon and one of the supporting characters, Sean, started forming in my head.

I diverged from the plot and plan that I had set up for today and typed up that story. The words just flowed like magic. I couldn’t stop writing and it felt like my fingers were ready to fall off. It doesn’t even matter that I might not be able to use this scene later (but as I think about it now, I definitely can use it later – it fits the plot), I knew that I just needed to write this scene now. It was such a character defining moment for Avon. I feel very proud.

Tomorrow: I will follow the plan that I had for today unless anything else changes.

Word Count: 2,290

Advice and Inspiration

My plot has been going down the drain day by day and it has shown in my writing and in my blog posts. However, thanks to Akaluv, I started to give thought about my plot in the way of chapters. I tend to plot my story from plot point to plot point so I don’t really focus on how many chapters I’m going to have or what’s going to happen in those chapters. For chapters, I just caught off after a scene when I want to end in a cliff hanger and/or when it is a good spot to end.

This morning, I’m happy to announce that I managed to plan out the next 2-3 chapters in advance! It didn’t take me that long either. My pen flew across the page like


Well, it wasn’t fancy and there was no dramatic music but you get the point. At least now, I know what is going to happen next. It’s also thanks to the fact that I managed to put in points of conflict before and now was the time to bring them into full circle. More like a half circle to be honest. The full circle won’t be complete until later but that’s okay. This also means that I’m starting to intertwine the few sub plots that I have written. The bumps in the long road of plot are starting to vanish and it’s a nice feeling.