Pulling Teeth

To start off, I would like to say that I have outline almost half of my plot for Phantom Blade. ‘Almost half’ is not the entire thing but at least I have something. With this, I don’t have hand write anything from now on. Sure, the time it takes me to type 18k words per day would be faster but I can manage. There’s pros and cons to this choice but at least I have a choice.

Believe it or not, today has not been my day for writing. I was just not feeling it today. It had been clear from the very beginning that I was not going to enjoy writing every word or scene of Phantom Blade. It has nothing to do with being tired or the fact that there are some scenes in my story that area bit slow. Today’s scene was one of those times that I did not want to write regardless of any reason. Every word was like pulling teeth and I wanted something or someone to distract me so I didn’t have to write anymore.

There was nothing particularly hateful about this scene. Avon (my Lead) and another character were at an auction and the people they were looking for turn out to be part of the auction. No it’s nothing to do with trafficking. The people (two individuals) were the ones who brought the items in and out. There was a chase and two dead ends. Literally because these individuals died and  Avon and her partner didn’t killed them. This entire scene was a set back that I had set up in the beginning and I think it turned out nicely. I just didn’t want to write it.

During all of this, I felt like it got easier and easier to stop writing. Perhaps it was pride or stubbornness. Whatever the case may be, I am grateful towards it because I managed to finish writing the rest of chapter thirteen. I just really hope something like this doesn’t happen tomorrow because I really want to finish.

I will finish.

I will.

Today’s word count: 1,814

P.S. I don’t like the fact that I keep having this feeling. I want it to stop but I don’t know how. Should I take a break while I’m writing? Maybe do a five minutes workout I found on Pinterest?


Mistakes were made and YouTube was not my friend today. Usually, I listen to playlists when I write and today, it was different. Too many channels that I subscribed too updated and yes, I clicked and watched all the videos. (insert a sigh here)

However, I will say that I did manage to finish all my word count goal for today. Even though it was later than usual. I mentioned how the month had passed by really quick well, it didn’t feel like it today. Honestly, I want (-ed) a break from writing today which is why I took longer to write today but I know I can’t because I promised myself that I would finish this novel and I don’t want to rush at the end.

Let’s just say that a lot of heads were lost and we’ll leave it at that.

Word Count: 1,839

A night out and some progress

I feel like I’m repeating information. Or that all my writing is a word vomit. I hope this feeling goes away. It doesn’t help that I was out tonight and by “out” I mean more like watching a movie, eating dinner, and driving through downtown so, I’m kind of started writing later than usual. However, I think it was a nice distraction for once. I was social which I’m normally aren’t and plus my meal was paid for by my friend. Yaye free food.

I think it’s important to take breaks before you get worn out. Yes I know, excuses and more excuses but it’s still important in my opinion. I also think that going out to new places brings inspiration and if you force yourself to do something, its no longer fun.

Anyways . . . yeah, I’m still typing every single detail of what my character does. The good thing is that I’m diving deeper into her thoughts. The story is told in close third point of view but before, I wasn’t really going into what Avon (the Lead) was thinking about. In this part, I sort of made her childish so I definitely have to go back and change that. However, I think writing this way gives me more opportunities to discover more of her as a character and flushing her out. It’s sort of like free writing. Just write what comes to mind and edit later.

It’s kind of funny because Avon is the person that I could never be. She is rude, out spoken and doesn’t care about social acceptance. She had a one track mind and so much fun to write. Through my characters, I’m experiencing different lives. Or something like that. Tonight, I only got to the warning from the new demon boss. He’s an actual demon though. It’s awkward because Avon has spent the past two years hunting down any demon she can find for a revenge killing spree. I think its a good thing that I’m stretching out the story a bit but I don’t know yet. Well have to see if that’s the way I’m going to keep it once I revise.

The plot continues with: the partner and the job

Today’s word count: 1,840

Distractions, Distractions

Second day of NaNoWriMo and I’m already hating every word. My sentences are horrible. They have no variation. I just want to scream but I know I can’t change anything. At least not right now. I will have time for that later.

While at work today, I got the chance to hand write most of my story today. Sure there were job duties but it wasn’t that busy today and the distractions . . . so many distractions. That and I didn’t really want to type on a computer because there were other things going on. It doesn’t help that I found this Chinese Drama that looks so cute and that I really want to watch. Why does it have to happen now? I don’t need to be addicted to a show right now.

Anyways, I am happy to announce that I met my goal for today! Honestly, I didn’t think that just one scene would eat up all of today’s word count. Sure, I left the first part at a cliffhanger and today’s part finished that but for the rest of it, it was one scene. I’m sure I packed that scene up with a lot of information. Right now, I’m just trying to get everything out into the open. I can worry about layering information throughout the story later when I go back to revise and edit.

Tomorrow: Avon’s new job.

Word count: 1,706