Now that NaNoWriMo has ended, I’ll be only posting on Dabbling in the Art of Writing. You can find it here. I’m not sure if I’ll post here again but I think I will. I just haven’t given it much thought right now. Stay tune dor future announcements.



I am happy to announce that I was able to write two of the scenes that I set out to write today. Sure they could have been longer but that doesn’t worry or bother me too much. All that matters is that it is done. The story is moving forward. I only have one more scene to write and I will be caught up with the plotting I did a few days ago. Mostly the plot is summarized so, in a paragraph, I have multiple stuff happening. By the looks of it, I might be able to finish the entire novel on time.

Thinking about it now, I have a lot of things to change in the rewrite. Well, that is if I want to do a revision right off the bat. I think I might just leave the story alone for a few months before going back to it. There are plenty of other projects I can and probably will work on.

Even as the clock winds down, I feel good. I’m being productive every day and its extremely satisfying. Over the course of the last week or so, I have been thinking of doing character sketches for Phantom Blade. I’m even thinking of writing Phantom Blade as a script for a graphic novel.

This might be too ambitious or too greedy considering that I’m not an expert but I do like that at least I can try. Even if I failed, I can at least say that I tried and, sadly, some people never get the chance to try for whatever reason. I’ve been told that I can be persistent and I think that works out in my favor. If you don’t succeed, try and try again.

Word Count: 1,805

Half and Half -Part 1

I decided to try something different today. For the last seventeen days, I have been writing around 1,800 words (sometimes less) all in one sitting. This probably contributes to the reason of why I finish writing well into the evening. Or should I say night? Whatever the case may be, I wanted to try out something new.

Instead of writing all 1,800 words today, I have written six hundred off words right now. In the long run, I think this will be helpful for me because I won’t have to come up with a ridiculous idea that has no part in the story when I have no idea what to write. With the break in the middle, I have time to plan what comes next. Honestly, this all sound like another excuse I’m making.

Sure who is to say that I will write the other half of my word count later. It’s why this method of writing is an experiment. I want to see if I can be more productive if I cut the work in half. It allows me a break instead of getting distracted (like yesterday) by mediums of entertainment. I also think that it’s worth the try and as long as I get the words typed up, it should be fine.

Here’s hoping. What ‘tricks’ have worked for you when you get distracted from writing? Do you find some better than others? Or does it all depend on commitment?

Word Count so far: 608

P.S.  Does anyone have any recommendations for playlists to write? I’m getting tired of all my music.

Above & Beyond

No one can be more surprised than myself at this very moment. Not only did I write today’s word count goal but I also wrote beyond that. I wrote 2,290 words! That’s right and I can’t be more pleased. And I have hit 25k words!


This hadn’t been my plan at all. See I like to hand write anything before I type it up on my laptop. Today’s pages weren’t too appealing just because nothing really interesting was going to happen until much later in the ‘arc.’ As I started writing, I couldn’t bring myself to continue. Honestly, I didn’t want to even write today. For some time, I was forcing myself to type up what I had written. Somewhere after the first 500 words, a scene between Avon and one of the supporting characters, Sean, started forming in my head.

I diverged from the plot and plan that I had set up for today and typed up that story. The words just flowed like magic. I couldn’t stop writing and it felt like my fingers were ready to fall off. It doesn’t even matter that I might not be able to use this scene later (but as I think about it now, I definitely can use it later – it fits the plot), I knew that I just needed to write this scene now. It was such a character defining moment for Avon. I feel very proud.

Tomorrow: I will follow the plan that I had for today unless anything else changes.

Word Count: 2,290