Getting There

The National Novel Writing Month website says that I need to write 941 words per day to finish on time. That is not going to happen. Not because I have no idea what to write or anything like that. It’s because it won’t be enough to finish writing the actual story. As of right now, I know three important things have to happened before I can finish this novel. For the most part, I can link all of these three scenes/ plot points to fit into the story without having it sound like I am rushing this story.

It’s not like I feel like I’m rushing but I wish I had moved up the plot a bit more. At least, I know what I have to revise and fix in the second draft. So it isn’t so bad.

While I didn’t write 1800 words today, I did write enough to scratch an important scene/plot point off of ‘to write’ plot  for this story. Two more plot points/scenes to write before I finish and I have enough time to do it.

For those of you typing like


and trying to catch up, I wish you luck. Don’t worry or stress. You got this. This is the moment to show that you can create anything. Who cares if it doesn’t make sense? That is why revision exists. Stay strong!



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