Half and Half- Part 2

So, the only reason why I finished writing the second part was because I had errands to run – mostly to buy groceries for me and the housemates. And I also forgot how divide for a moment. I realized this when I was sitting in traffic. Six hundred times 2 is not 18k. Yeah, it’s been a long week. I hope it doesn’t happen again. Fingers crossed.

Saying that, I will say that I was able to move the plot forward. All the hints and the subplot are starting to get intertwined. They’re all feeding into the story. There’s little more than ten days left before the end of the month and so I think I can finish the story entirely. I’m not sure yet but I’m not too worried. I have time.

On a side note, I will say that I have to fix my sentence structure. They’re all the same: subject, verb, etc. They also start with ‘she’ a lot. I try to have some variety but it’s hard to keep remembering that just because I’m typing this up, it is not set in stone. I also think that my characters feel a bit flat so I definitely need to take a look at them again when this is all said and done. Sure I’m picking out all the flaws but don’t worry, I won’t do anything about them now. I’ll just keep them in mind so, as I continue to type, I can be aware of them.

Tomorrow plot: I’m not sure. Oh wait. Avon is going to get information about the gooey blob she found. The lab has found out what it is. The plot thickens.

Word Count:1,841

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