Blank Spots

Well, I’ll say one thing: I’m definitely making this up as I go. I mean, sure I have the major plot points mapped out but the in-between . . . not so much. I guess that’s a good thing because that means I’m letting my imagination run wild. I’m  playing the ‘what if’ game and see where that takes me. It’s all about experimenting. Like I said before: nothing is set in stone.

I think only now is when I’m starting to realize that. It’s a few days into November so its not so bad. I’m definitely not stressing out about writing. At least not yet anyways. It’s not like I have to be stressed out. It’s just a rough draft. Overall, I know where the story is going. There’s no writer’s block in the future. Hmm, maybe by the weekend I’ll hit a wall? Then again, I am making this up as I go along so that shouldn’t be a problem, right?

The plot continues: more of the crime scene and a threat

Today’s word count: 1,727

P.S. I thought I should change up the pictures.


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